Training Program

Framestore 3DDMP Program

To be a 3D Digital Matte Painter you must learn and be proficient in all the artistic and technical skills required by visual effects studios. The milestones outlined in this program will provide you with the training, skill-building tasks, and demo reel pieces that will allow you to assemble a competitive application to the Pixomondo 3DDMP department.


Each milestone has a training component and a series of tasks that need to be completed before you can move to the next milestone. Each milestone builds on the proceeding milestone so it is important that you fully master the requirements of each milestone. You will be able see the milestones that are assigned to you in your Review Room Dashboard.
Intro Milestone

Getting Started

To get you up and going with your training, you will need to go through and complete this to-do list. Once you have successfully completed this list, you can proceed to the next Milestone.
1st Milestone

Color Workflow

Color workflow and pipeline are very important aspects to every VFX studio, including the at VFX Horde. Knowing the standards and conventions in these areas will allow you to function productively in a VFX studio environment.
2nd Milestone

Digital Matte Painting

Digital photo collaging, masking, grading, and painting are the foundation skills for every Matte Painter. The ability to create photoreal images is both technical and artistic and is essential to successfully execute matte painted environments.
3rd Milestone

Camera Projections

Projecting 2D images on 3D geometry is one of the essential aspects to a 3D Matte Painter’s skillset. Camera Projections are used in the creation of both large and small, complex and simple CG environments by enabling 2D matte paintings to become fully 3D environments.
4th Milestone

Surviving VFX

Working in VFX can be treacherous if you do not know the culture and expectations for artists. Participate in a series of live lectures on how to conduct yourself during dailies, how to interact with production, and how to final your work.
5th Milestone

Beginning Shot Work

You will use all the skills and knowledge that you have gained as you passed through these milestones to take on 3DDMP shot work. These VFX Horde Sequence trainings will prepare you for the more advanced level shot work to come.
6th Milestone

Advanced Shot Work

Advanced level shot work represents what you will be asked to do as a 3D Matte Painter at a VFX studio. It is important that you are able to show your level of proficiency as you are building pieces for your demo reel.

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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