5th Milestone

Beginning Shot Work

You will use all the skills and knowledge that you have gained as you passed through these milestones to take on 3DDMP shot work. These VFX Horde Sequence trainings will prepare you for the more advanced level shot work to come.
5th Milestone

Beginning Shot Work

Milestone Training

Each Sequence has its own training that shows you how to approach the artistic and technical challenges of the shots. Complete the training before you start your shot work.

Cityscape Sequence Training

This sequence was shot in a well-known metropolitan city; however, our story narrative requires a fictional city. This existing city needs to be transformed into something different, so the audience does not recognize it.

Construction Site Sequence Training

This construction site was shot from several angles, under different lighting conditions, and states of completeness. After the principal photography was complete for this sequence, the director decided these shots weren't filled with enough construction material.

Milestone Tasks

To start out this Milestone, you will gain access to one of these training Sequences. Once you have brought 2 shots in that Sequence to a final level, you will unlock the other Sequence to complete 2 more shots. Once you have completed 2 shots from each Sequence you will pass all the requirements for this Milestone.

Beginning Shot Work

You will need to take on 2 shots from each Sequence and bring these shots to a level that meets VFX studio standards.

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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