2nd Milestone

Digital Matte Painting

Digital photo collaging, masking, grading, and painting are the foundation skills for every Matte Painter. The ability to create photoreal images is both technical and artistic and is essential to successfully execute matte painted environments.
2nd Milestone

Digital Matte Painting

Clone Trees in the Plate

When working on shots, it's common not to have the photos you need for photo collaging. So for this DMP challenge, you will get the chance to ONLY use this single frame to get all the photo material you need. You will need to grab trees from this frame and populate the shot with more trees on the left side. You will need to cut, clone and paint over the trees avoiding any kind of repeating pattern. To begin, you will need to stitch images to create your single frame (make sure to use the "reposition" option for stitching). This might seem like an easy challenge but it is much harder than you think to make your work look absolutely invisible.​

Integrate DMP Clouds

For this exercise you will be selecting clouds from the reference photography and integrating it into your sky. Extract your clouds and color correct them into the shot, matching the proper color and gradation of the sky. You will need to work in 16-bit otherwise you will get banding in your sky patches when grading. There is a lot of subtlety to this exercise that makes it quite difficult. Makes sure your work is undetectable.​

Relight House

In this exercise, you get to relight this house with adjustment layers inside Photoshop. I would recommend ONLY using "curve" adjustment layers, which is the primary color correcting tool for Matte Painters. Your directional light will need to come from the top left corner of the frame, angling downward. You will need to create raking directional light and shadow falling across the front of the building. Make sure you are balancing your light and shadow values.

Integrate Trees

In this exercise, you get to practice your integration and paint cleanup skills. To start, you will need to stitch several photos together that will become a single frame you will work on top of (make sure to use the "reposition" option for stitching). You will first need to do some cleanup on the frame: fill in areas of the stitched image that are missing with more forest (top and bottom of frame) to get a complete frame. There are some tourists in the center of the image that you will need to paint out. Then you will place some trees into the scene from the tree library provided. You need to make sure your cleanup work is undetectable, avoiding repetition of patterns common to image cloning work. Your tree integrations will also need to be absolutely undetectable. We are not going for a beautiful image here, just invisible VFX work.​

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