The VFX Horde

Review Room

An immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room. Receive feedback from your VFX Horde Lead as you bring your work to final.

Refine Your Work

The Review Room simulates what it's like to work at a VFX studio. It's also the means for providing feedback and quality control so your work meets VFX studio's high standards.

Live Reviews

Dailies and Monthlies are held via video conferencing with your Lead and teammates. In Dailies you are able to ask your Lead questions as they give you feedback on your shot work. All Dailies are scheduled through the community group. Each dailies is recorded so you can watch the replay at any time.


Between Dailies/Monthlies, you will receive feedback in “Rounds”. It's your time to follow up with your Lead to see if you were successful in hitting your notes from Dailies/Monthlies. Submit your work in Review Room and receive written feedback on your work. You will be able to converse with your Lead though the comments box on your shot submission.


You can access all of your assigned tasks for your training Milestone on your Artist Dashboard. Progress though your Training Milestones by getting your work reviewed and approved by a VFX Horde Lead. Your work will need to meet VFX industry standards to be approved.

Review Funnel

All VFX studios use the "review funnel" so artists can complete their work in a systematic and predictable way.

At the top of the funnel artists develop a "concept" or “bash” where large sweeping changes can be made to the shot. As the shot progresses down the funnel, changes to the shot become smaller and smaller as the artist refines their work. Learning how to progress your VFX work though the review funnel is an essential skill for working at a VFX studio.

Your Lead will assist you in moving your work through the Review Funnel so you can have polished peices on your demo reel.

Dailies Reviews

  • Concept Review
  • Concept Final
  • Shot Bash
  • Shot Setup
  • Frist Look
  • Second Look
  • Third Look
  • Shot Final
  • Tech Fixes
  • Demo Reel Review

Training Milestones

Milestones are areas of knowledge or skills you need to develop to become a proficient VFX artist in your chosen discipline. Each Milestone has training components and tasks that need to be completed in order to progress beyond that Milestone. Each Milestone builds on the proceeding Milestone.

Review Pipeline

The VFX Horde Review Room Pipeline is a simulation training experience—from the Artist Dashboard to shot submissions to live shot notes to review tools. Refine your work at the same time learning the VFX review process.

Industry Standards

Build your demo reel with relevant, polished pieces for your targeted VFX discipline that meets VFX industry standards and can be used on your next VFX job application.
This VFX Horde student reel was shown to 38 VFX professionals including VFX Supervisors, Department Leads and Recruiters across 15 different VFX Studios, such as Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Fuel FX, Imagine Engine and Walt Disney. See what they had to say:

Training Programs

The VFX Horde offers a suite of online resources and training experiences that simulates what it's like working at a VFX studio—providing you essential "on the job" skills. Your university education got you this far, the VFX Horde will get you the rest of the way.

3DDMP Advancement

Post Graduates
Bridge the gap between your University education and full time employment in VFX. Advanced level training and materials to build a competitive demo reel for a VFX job application.

3DDMP Career

VFX Professionals
Advanced level training, mentorship and demo reel resources for Jr 3DDMP Artists and VFX professionals that want to advanced positions or switch disciplines.

Master Courses

Stand Alone Training
In depth training on relevant VFX topics to upskill and round out your VFX skills and knowledge.

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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