1st Milestone

Color Workflow

Color workflow and pipeline are very important aspects to every VFX studio, including the at VFX Horde. Knowing the standards and conventions in these areas will allow you to function productively in a VFX studio environment.
1st Milestone

Color Workflow

Milestone Training

For this milestone, you will need to complete the Color Workflow for VFX Artists Master Course in addition to reading all the VFX Horde pipeline and color workflow documentation.

Color Workflow for VFX Artists

Color for Film is a vast subject that can be difficult to understand. The VFX Horde distills the complete color workflow process into an easy to understand course that focuses on the areas of color that directly impacts VFX Artists. In this Master Course you can gain a mastery of color workflow that is missing in nearly all university programs and online courses.

Milestone Tasks

To pass off this milestone you will need to successfully complete all the Color Workflow for VFX Artists quizzes, install the VFX Horde color packs and the Prism Pipeline on your workstation in preparation for working on VFX Horde courses and sequence traininings.

Color Workflow for VFX Artists Quizzes

Each module in the Color Workflow for VFX Artists Master Course has a quiz. You will need to successfully complete these quizzes with a passing 80% grade.

From Nuke to Photoshop and Back

This process of taking an image from Nuke into Photoshop and back again is an essential part of a VFX Studio's workflow. This outline will walk you through the complete process of exporting an image from Nuke, into Photoshop and back into Nuke.

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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