Milestone Task

Integrate Trees

In this exercise, you get to practice your integration and paint cleanup skills. To start, you will need to stitch several photos together that will become a single frame you will work on top of (make sure to use the "reposition" option for stitching). You will first need to do some cleanup on the frame: fill in areas of the stitched image that are missing with more forest (top and bottom of frame) to get a complete frame. There are some tourists in the center of the image that you will need to paint out. Then you will place some trees into the scene from the tree library provided. You need to make sure your cleanup work is undetectable, avoiding repetition of patterns common to image cloning work. Your tree integrations will also need to be absolutely undetectable. We are not going for a beautiful image here, just invisible VFX work.​

Integrate Trees

Live Demonstration
Your Training Lead will provide you with a live demonstration of how to use all the tools and techniques to complete this exercise successfully.
You can download the files from the project files library. Look for the "Files for Download" section on the library page.
You will need to make a shot submission of your image sequence as a .mp4 file to the Review Room against the task you have been assigned. Make sure you comment on your submission once it has been made so your Lead knows you want it to be reviewed.
Add a task submission to a Dailies Playlist. This Playlist will be used in live Dailies by your Lead to give you feedback on your work. Dailies are scheduled in the 3DDMP Career Advancement Community Group.
Once you make your submission in the Review Room or added to a Dailies playlist it will be reviewed by your Lead. If your Lead has feedback for you, you will need to make the required changes and resubmit your work. Your work will need to meet VFX industry standards so you may need to submit multiple times. Your Lead will let you know if your task is finaled in the comments of your submission (Rounds) or in live Dailies.

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