Winter 2020

MAtte Painting
REview Session

Refine your demo reel at the same time learning shot work and the VFX review process. The most relevant training you can ever receive as an aspiring or professional VFX Artist.

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Work with your Lead in the VFX Horde Review Room. A Session includes all scenes and training material access to your chosen Sequence option, biweekly Demonstrations, 11 live Dailies, 11 Rounds, a private community group, 3 one-on-one sessions with your Lead and 12 weeks in the Review Room. Keep your Sequence training and assets after the Review Room has concluded. Lean more.
  • Session Duration:
    12 Weeks of Flextime
  • Discipline:
    3D Digital Matte Painting
  • Skill Level:
    Intermediate to Advanced
  • Course Load:
  • Software:
    Nuke, Photoshop, Maya
  • Shots to Complete:

Preparation Time

You are given 4 weeks to prepare for the Review Room. Your preparations will ensure you will get the most out of the Review Room training experience. It is also a good time to get to know your teammates in the Session's community group.
Week 1-3
You will be using a lot of camera projections in this Review Room Session so it is important that you get a good foundation in camera projections before we start. If you have not taken the course then go through the Camera Projection Boot Camp Master Course material during your prep time. If you have already taken the course then challenge yourself with the self-guided assignments. Remember to post your progress in the Community Group.
Self-Guided Assignments:
Week 4
Pipeline &
Color Workflow
For your last week of prep time, you will need to make sure your workstation is setup with the required software, pipeline and VFX Horde color tools. If you get stuck make sure you post in the community group.
Please go through the online documentation: Assignment to Complete:
Get a single frame of the footage from Nuke into Photoshop and back to Nuke again using the VFX Horde Color Workflow. Post in the community group when you have completed the assignment. Follow along with the documentation to complete: Nuke2Photoshop and Back

Special Offer

Get the Camera Projection Bootcamp for free. If you have already enrolled, get the Self-guided Assignment Files for free.

Session Schedule

The Review Room will last for 16 weeks, 12 weeks in session and 4 personal flextime weeks. You can schedule your personal flextime weeks anytime within the 16 weeks to allow yourself more time to catch up on your shot work or make time to meet other family or work obligations. The Review Room will not be held the weeks of Thanksgiving (Nov 23-27) and Christmas/New Years (Dec 21-Jan1). These weeks are not included in the 16 weeks of the Review Room.
Week 1
Lead Training
Before we start Dailies and Rounds you will need to read though all the documentation for your Sequence and the Review Room. This week you will want to complete the Lead Training for your Sequence option. You will meet one-on-one with your Lead to discuss what shots you will be working on in this Session.
Week 2
Concept Review
You will create a concept of your shot assignments and these concepts will be reviewed in Dailies. We will then follow up with some Rounds later in the week.
Week 3
Concept Final
This week we will be finalizing your concepts for all your shot assignments and if there is any needed feedback after dailies we will address them in rounds.
Week 4
Shot Bash
For this week in dailies we will want to take a look at the full moving shot in its roughest form. You will need to do all the projection set up and get full coverage of your shot.
Week 5
Shot Setup
This week we will refine your shot and achieve a fully functioning shot setup. In Dailies we will want to see a more refined and cleaned up version of your shot. You will also meet with your Lead for your mid-session assessment.
Week 6
First Look
This week we will be working out your lighting and integration of your elements with a followup in Rounds later in the week.
Week 7
Second Look
This week we will be progressing your shots through the review funnel in both Dailies and Rounds—really nailing down the integration of your elements.
Week 8
Third Look
This is the last review before finaling your shots. At this point you will want all your elements working really well together.
Week 9
Shot Final
This week we are going to be finaling your shots.
Week 10
Tech Fixes
This is tech fix week where we really look at your shots in detail in order to address any tech fixes.
Week 11
This week will be spent in creating a demo reel breakdown for your shots. We will be looking at those in Dailies for feedback.
Week 12
Demo Reel Review
This week will be iterating on your demo reel breakdown. We will be looking at those in Dailies for feedback. We will also be holding your exit one-on-one with your Lead to give feedback on you demo reel.
Please Note: Not all of the Lead training lessons are released yet. The remaining lessons are scheduled to be released between now and the beginning of the Review Room.

Want to know how to get started after enrolling?

All enrollees in a Review Room Session are expected to follow the Review Room Standards of Conduct and abide by the VFX Horde Code of Conduct. Also, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Garrett Fry

Review Session Lead

Garrett Fry is a Matte Painter and Concept Artist for Feature films. Garrett has filled such roles as Senior Matte Painter, Matte Painting Lead and Environments Lead on such films as "Ghost in the Shell", "The Great Gatsby", "The Hunger Games", "X Men First Class", "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Garrett has been recognized for his work in creating new, innovative Matte Painting techniques and his work has appeared in Cinefex Magazine. More recently Garrett has worked with MPC to create a 3DDMP Academy Curriculum and has taught Matte Painting and Environment TD MPC Academy Courses.

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