VFX Horde Review Room

Policies, Standards
& Procedures

As the VFX Horde is a Studio simulated training environment, our code of policies, standards and procedures mirrors that of the industry we emulate. As you proceed through your training here at the VFX Horde, we encourage you to learn and practice the industry’s professional standards of conduct as outlined in our standards and policies.

Standards and Policies

Please read and be familiar with the VFX Horde Standards and Policies as they will guide your interaction with the VFX Horde and Community. Please also read our Terms of Service.

Review Room Standards of Conduct

Standards and expectations for participation in the Review Room including your personal workstation, Dailies, Rounds, Community Group and Review Room Communication.

VFX Horde Code of Conduct

The VFX Horde Discrimination and Harassment Policy, Support Forum Standards of Conduct, and Community Standards of Conduct.

Terms and of Service

What you agree to when you choose to purchase and participate in any training at the VFX Horde.

Payment Policies

A subsection of our terms of service that is important to be aware of when paying upfront or if you choose a monthly payment program.

Horde Support

If you should need assistance please make it known in the correct support channel. Your Lead can assist you in the community group but they cannot help you with any problems with the assets or website support. For those issues please use the links listed below.

Asset Support

If you have an issue with one of the assets included in the Sequence Training please post on the support forum. If your issue has to do with a 3D tracked camera make sure you follow the "3D Track Camera Checklist" before submitting your support request.

Website Support

If you have any issues with your user account, billing or website please submit a support ticket.

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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