Milestone Task

VFX Horde Community

There is a dedicated private VFX Horde Community group that you are now a part of where you can connect with your peers, share resources and display your work. All monthlies and breakout training sessions will be scheduled in this group. Please fill out this community checklist.
Intro Milestone

Getting Started


VFX Horde Community

Community Profile
Let the community know who you are by finish filling out your VFX Horde Community Profile.
Finish My Community Profile →
Portfolio Page
Create your own portfolio page and have a place to post your work.
Create My Porfolio Page →
VFX Horde training is coordinated via email notifications. As a part of your training, you are responsible for ensuring that you are receiving these notifications. You can adjust your community notification on your community profile page.
Adjust Community Notifications →
All Monthlies are scheduled through the Community Group. To ensure that you get the right date and time, you need to set your timezone on your community profile.
Instructions for Setting Timezone →
Say Hello
Now that you are set up in the VFX Horde Community say hello and introduce yourself to the community.
Say Hello to the Community →
Before you start your training it is important that you read the VFX Horde Standards of Conduct as it is the standards for your training here at the VFX Horde.
Read Standards of Conduct →

Review VFX Horde is an immersive training experience that simulates a VFX Studio Review Room.

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