Milestone Task

From Nuke to Photoshop and Back

This process of taking an image from Nuke into Photoshop and back again is an essential part of a VFX Studio's workflow. This outline will walk you through the complete process of exporting an image from Nuke, into Photoshop and back into Nuke.

From Nuke to Photoshop and Back

Click on the download link below to access the files you need for this task.
When you gain access to Color Workflow and Pipeline Milestone you will automatically be assigned this task. Look for this task in your Artist Dashboard.
You will need to make a shot submission of your image sequence as a .mp4 file to the Review Room against the task you have been assigned. Make sure you comment on your submission once it has been made so your Lead knows you want it to be reviewed.
Your Lead will approve this task in Rounds (written approval against your shot submission). This task will not be reviewed in Dailies.

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