6th Milestone

Advanced Shot Work

Advanced level shot work represents what you will be asked to do as a 3D Matte Painter at a VFX studio. It is important that you are able to show your level of proficiency as you are building pieces for your demo reel.
6th Milestone

Advanced Shot Work

Milestone Training

Each Sequence has its own training that shows you how to approach the artistic and technical challenges of the shots. Complete the training before you start your shot work.

Alleyway Sequence Training

The Alleyway sequence spans several dark and moody locations with a historic French flare. The director loved these locations, but the on-set crew was unable to make all of the changes to the set required by the script, such as adding additional doorways and windows. The director also decided after filming that he wanted a dirtier, grungier, alleyway.

Cemetery Sequence Training

This picturesque location utilized for this sequence is one of the oldest cemeteries in North America. Because of the historic nature of the cemetery, the on-set crew was not able to make all of the changes to the set required by the script.

Milestone Tasks

After you complete your training you will need to apply what you have learned to your own shots.

Advanced Shot Work

You will need to take on 2 shots from each Sequence and bring these shots to a level that meets VFX studio standards.

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